German Courses

Did you know that German can be easy and fun to learn?

Nowadays German is the second most studied language in our country. This increase is due to the wonderful professional opportunities that Germany has to offer.

Why learn German

Enrich yourself with this new language that has the potential to improve and develop your professional career, especially as a highly positive and differential factor on your CV. This can help in many important areas such as the automotive industry, pharmaceuticals, hospitality and tourism. Think of your future!

One programme for every level of knowledge

Our general German Courses last about 9 months and we will help you gain confidence when speaking, writing and listening. Through a fun teaching approach, you will increase your vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation levels. This will all be in a participative and fun way in class.

Now is the moment to improve your level with our German Cours!
Learning German will allow you to access a new literary culture and philosophical thoughts such as Kant, Marx, Hegel, Nietzsche…

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