French Courses

Did you know that French is the only language, alongside English, that is spoken over all continents?

Would you like to learn the international language of cooking, fashion and theatre?

Why learn French

Dare to study this easy to learn language, and you will see how fast you will reach a good level of communication.

It will also open the door to a world of opportunities; both professional and personal.

One programme for every level of knowledge

Our general French Courses last about 9 months and we will help you gain confidence when speaking, writing and listening. Through a fun teaching approach, you will increase your vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation levels. This will all be in a participative and fun way in class.

Now is the moment to improve your level with our German Cours!
Learning French will allow you to access things in their original version: the best of French literature, French cinema and music.

Come and do the placement test to know which is the best course for you


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